China is my second home

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China is my second home

Postby lilyaa » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:53 am

A worker applies glue on a floral replica of the Great Wall at the sidewalks along Tian'anmen Square in Beijing Tuesday, Aug 17, 2015. Parts of Tiananmen Square and the surrounding area have been closed for preparations for a large military parade on Sept 3, to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

I always say China is my second Home. It’s a massive country, extremely diverse culturally, ethnically and linguistically, with an astoundingly rich history. Unlike many other countries in this world, literally every province has their own little story to tell. When you combine them, it is truly overwhelming to apprehend. It’s amazing how they managed to keep detailed records of the ancient times.

I was one of the CCTV News 2015 Survey winner and got the opportunity to visit Beijing in December last year. I have always been fascinated by its historical places. The first place I visited was the Beijing Zoo where I got to see Live Pandas and other animals that have never seen in my Life. The second place I visited was 天安门, I learnt that the forbidden city is Home to 24 emperors over the course of 500 years, the forbidden city is the heart of Beijing’s impressive imperial history. It’s an immense space, with legend holding that it is home to 9,9991/2 rooms. I visited the Temples and the neighborhoods as I was introduced to the city both past and present. I got the opportunity to learn how to make dumplings and see the cricket fighting champion. One of the way to learn a culture it’s through food. I was taken to one of Beijing traditional restaurant where I got to eat noodle soup laced with chunks of meat and vegetables. Honestly, the cuisine in every city is just amazing, there is so much selection and diversity. The third place I visited was the Great wall, which was my second time and because it was cold, I could not climb so I took a Cable car and was able to experience it during winter with snow all over. The fourth place I visited was the Temple of Heaven and finally visited the CCTV news Headquarters.China is super, super interesting country with an even more interesting future.
The people are great, friendly and often curious about foreigners. Chinese culture, civilization and their way of life is heavily influenced with ethical morals and being modest is one of their assets. A foreigner being considered guest in china is most usually given treats as part of their culture. I got multiple food treats from my friends during my stay there. I tried paying for something we ate I was forced not to pay since it is in their culture to pay for food or drink as a first treat. Unlike most of us you will happen to feel that Chinese people are not expressive towards foreigners except treating you as a guest. They are internalized yet humble, helpful and straight forward people never making you feel down. They are respective towards your belief, culture and moral values. They would go well beyond their means just to make you feel good. They have the dirtiest jokes I have ever heard. They also are quite respectable drinkers. China has developed so well from the past few decades and there are wonderful places to visit. You might have happened to be asked for selfies as a foreigner while roaming around a city and believe me you will enjoy it.There is just an endless list to go explore.
Finally, not everything is perfect in China, there are a lot of issues; however, issues can be solved. One needs patience and belief that better future can be built.

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Re: China is my second home

Postby lei4511721 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:10 am

lol , i like this"They have the dirtiest jokes I have ever heard. " ....guess you learned well and could speak those jokes to ur friends.

you love second home and second home loves you too. for those issues bother you , dont worry, just be happy!

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Re: China is my second home

Postby first home » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:07 pm

I can't agree with you any more .Can I make friends? can you use WeChat?

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