Business - What principles have been employed in the amendment of the new Catalogue for the Guidance

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Business - What principles have been employed in the amendment of the new Catalogue for the Guidance

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:06 pm

Business - What principles have been employed in the amendment of the new Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Policies (Amended in 2007)?

First: China will continue to expand opening-up. According to China's commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China should carefully consider the nature of foreign direct investment and new trends in international industrial transfers, continue to proactively and effectively use foreign investment, and emphasize the introduction of advanced foreign technologies, management practices and experienced and highly-qualified personnel through foreign investment utilization.

Second: China will enhance its industrial structural optimization and upgrading; steer more foreign investment toward modern agriculture, high and new technological industries, modern service industries, high-end manufacturing, infrastructural and environmental and ecological protection; and maintain reasonable limits of investment in our industries based on their capacities.

Third: China will save resources and protect the environment. It encourages foreign investors to invest in cost-effective and clean energy sources and practices, resource industries and enterprise technology reform projects; encourage foreign investors to advance the recycling economy and renewable energy; and to restrict or prohibit access to high-material and high-energy consuming and highly polluting foreign investment projects.

Fourth: China will actively and prudently expand the opening-up of the service industry; fulfill its commitment to the WTO in the fields of service and trade, and steadily accelerate the opening-up of the service industry. China encourages foreign investors to invest in productive service industries; proactively conduct international service outsourcing; and pay attention to the development of the new service industry. We must stimulate the opening-up of a few sensitive service industries in a steady manner.

Fifth: China will encourage foreign investors to get more involved in technological innovation activities; encourage multinationals to establish research and development centers and training centers in China; and cooperate with domestic enterprises and scientific and research institutions; improve supporting activities and expand our industrial chains. China will establish an opening-oriented innovation system.

Sixth: China will safeguard national economic security. Prudent attitudes should be adopted in terms of opening some strategic and sensitive industries relevant to national economic security.

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