How to register as a doctor in Beijing?

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How to register as a doctor in Beijing?

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:10 pm

Business - How to register as a doctor in Beijing?

Doctors coming from foreign countries or from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to Beijing for academic exchange involving in medical activities and for short-term practice of medicine are required to submit their applications 30 days prior to their departure for Beijing.

Materials and documents to be submitted:
(Authorization documents are needed for those applicants other than the applicants in relevant medical institutions.)
For foreign doctors to attend academic exchange involving in medical activities:

1) An application form of a foreign doctor for practicing medicine (all items in the form should be filled and written in Chinese, except the name and nationality of the applicant and the application project that should be filled in both English and Chinese; please download an electronic application form);

2) A certificate of academic degree of a foreign doctor;

3) Foreign doctor's certificate for practicing medicine or the certificate of the right to practice medicine;

4) The health certificate of the foreign doctor;

5) Two recommendation letters from experts who have at least the title of an associate professor in the same specialty with the foreign doctor, together with the certificate of the academic titles of the recommenders;

6) Two bareheaded photos of the foreign doctor, size 2.4 x 3cm2 or 4 x 5 cm2

7) The payment of 50 Yuan for application fee (for academic exchange);

8) Return of the used "Permit of Foreign Doctors' Short-term Practice of Medicine during the Academic Exchange in Beijing" if a foreign doctor applies for attending a second academic exchange;

9) Submit a software floppy disk of the Foreign Doctor Management System if there is any;

10£©A copy of the Permit of the Medical Institution where the foreign doctor works and applies for academic exchange.
Download Application Form: Click Here (Link to Beijing Municipal Health Bureau)

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