Beijing Yi Zhuang Lincoln Part Apartment Rent


Beijing Yi Zhuang Lincoln Part Apartment Rent

Postby Oishi » Sun May 15, 2016 10:02 am

Hello Folks, my parents have an Luxury apartment to rent, it's 150 Square Meters with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen,and a living room. I am going to move there soon, so I am looking for two girls as roommates. The location is very attractive, it neighbor with two grand Lincoln Park, all green park with fresh air, if you do like running or sports, wow, its perfect place to live!!! Another my favorite view of my apartment is night view, cuz the apartment is on 21th floor, so from living room, you can look for almost whole city, just like live in New York fifth Avenue!!!!!
Also, there are many foreigners live in Lincoln Park, and quiet a lot companies' headquarters in Yi Zhuang, like Coco Cola, Jing Dong, Tesla, etc. That provides more and good opportunities for a person who still looking for jobs!!

The apartment includes:
- Furnitures
- all facilities
- me
- actually you just need bring ur luggage to our sweet home!!!!

About me:
My name is Charity!!
Currently, I am work at an American company in Sanlitun where a little bit far from Yi Zhuang, but I used to live the house like it in America, so I am rather to take subway for 1 hour to live better. My hobbies: music, swim, party( but not everyday), making friends( just normal friends), watching movie, cooking, etc. Anyway, I am a really easygoing and friendly person to get along with, so don't hesitate to contact me!!!
( Rents are negotiable)

Phone: 188-0145-2169 (prefer Text before calling)
Wechat: 184680020

I am waiting for you to join in to Charity's House!!! BTW, I am Chinese but not really typical!!

Thank you guys!!!!

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