Chinese to French language exchange


Chinese to French language exchange

Postby nicole.liv » Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:12 am


Sorry that my French is not good enough to write the whole ad in French yet so I will use English here.
I am native Chinese in my late 20s working in Beijing. I've always had a passion for French and after a year's study of French as a second language in college, I started learning by myself using the textbook Reflet. I've finished the first two books but as I have been studying on my own and not on a regular basis, I'd say my level is at best pre-intermediate.

So the years' of on and off studying and not being able to actually use the language that much has pushed me to the point where I realise that having a language partner would be of great help. Ideally, we can meet twice a week, two hours a time perhaps, helping each other with Chinese and French, either with textbooks or by practising speaking together. I speak standard Mandarin and I've tutored Chinese privately. On top of that, I can offer you insights and background stories behind a Chinese word or a custom as I read a lot.

If you are native French and hope to improve your Chinese and willing to help me with my French, contact me by wechat:nicoleinbeijjing and let's do some serious study.

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