Bye Bye Weekend: Netflix Download and Go Now Available in China (With VPN)

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Margaux Schreurs

Bye Bye Weekend: Netflix Download and Go Now Available in China (With VPN)

Postby Margaux Schreurs » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:44 am

Netflix has just announced an app update which makes every frequent flyers' dream come true: download and go is now available.
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The function is pretty self-explanatory; it allows you, for selected shows, to download episodes while you are connected to the Wi-Fi for easy watching later on.
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We gave it a quick test run, and it is working! And we're not here now sitting watching Narcos in the Beijinger office. Promise.
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Other shows, documentaries, and films available for downloading (and automatically recommended for me by the American rendition of Netflix, because of my terrible taste in television) are Gossip Girl, The Crown, The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, House of Cards, The Office (US), Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Spotlight, 3%, Untold History of the Untied States, Border Security: America's Front Line, Real Rescues, An Idiot Abroad, Inside the World's Toughest Prisons, and Second Chance Dogs (awww). More options are due to open up in the future.

Unfortunately, Netflix in China is still only available using certain VPNs, with no clear signs of whether or not it will ever be freely available in the Mainland (for more on that, click here). If you find the streaming service won't work with your VPN, try emailing your VPN provider to find a way around Netflix's current anti-proxy measures. From there on, not only can you hopefully enjoy watching your favorite shows, but you will be perpetually engaged in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Netflix and the VPN providers, an endeavor that's sure to have more plot twists and suspense than any thriller available via the platform.

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