Making new friends and language exchange partners(Chinese-English/French)


Making new friends and language exchange partners(Chinese-English/French)

Postby Zean » Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:55 am

I'm a Chinese guy working in Beijing. I'd love to meet new friends with different backgrounds to share our ways of life and differences in culture with each other.
I am also looking to improve my English and French. I'd love to meet up and chat with someone in both English and french over a cup of coffee. However I'm a very beginner of French.
I'm an easygoing person and I enjoy making friends from different cultures to share different life experiences. I'm Chinese and also can speak Japanese. I would like to make more friends, learning about their ways of life and improving my English/French.
For me this is always not only about language exchange, more importantly it's about friendship. I worked at States and Singapore before and I love multi-culture stuff.
I love watching movies and American series. I'm a super fan of coffee. I think this is a good way to expand our networks and to make some real friends all around the world. I love travelling very much, It will be much better if we can discover the world together someday.
If you are interested, Please contact me.

Here is my Email:

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