Sept 23 Beijing Oldest Great Wall-Gubeikou Great Wall Camping 2 Days

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Sept 23 Beijing Oldest Great Wall-Gubeikou Great Wall Camping 2 Days

Postby ChinaHiking » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:36 pm

Gubeikou Great Wall has 1460 years of history, it is the oldest Great Wall around Beijing which was built in the Qi dynasty (AD 555 years). On this 8km family friendly Great Wall camping trip, we follow the Gubeikou Great Wall as it winds through the landscape on top of the mountain ridges. Big draws for this camping trip are the fantastic scenery of one of the best-preserved section of the Great Wall and a great lunch and a dinner that should be awarded for 2 Outdoor Michelin starred meals. Our camping site has views with 2 sections of the Great Wall. All the camping gear will be delivered to the campsite, so we will have a relaxing day to hike on the Wall.

Hiking Distance: 8km
Hiking Duration: 3-4h
Hike Level : 2
Departure time: 9:30 am
Back in Beijing: 12:00 pm
Price: 1100RMB (990 RMB for kids 7-17, 800 RMB for membership, 500 RMB for kids younger than 7)

Guebeikou Great Wall Camping
For this Great Wall section, we will drive to the border of the Beijing and Hubei province. It is a 100-km drive that will take us about 2 hours. Our arrival point is a small folk village where we will start with a nice countryside lunch. After lunch, we will follow a small trail for about 45-minute hike in the fields and walk through the forest and climb up the hills until we arrive at the highest Great Wall watchtower of the Gubeikou Great Wall. This view from the General Tower is the first highlight of the day, the view looks like a paint that shows the Great Wall winding over the mountain ridges as far as the eye can see. On nice weather days, we can see the whole Gubeikou Great Wall, the Jinshanling Great Wall and even the Simatai Great Wall.

From this watchtower, we will walk on top of the Great Wall for about 3 hours, passing numerous watchtowers and beacon towers till we reach the camping spot. The Great Wall and its famous towers are very well preserved and are still in its original state. There will be plenty of time for breaks and pictures at excellent viewpoints. From the rooftop of the last watchtower of our hike, we will be able to see our camping spot. A nice flat grass field next to and surrounded by the Great Wall. From a view on 2 sections of the Great Wall, we can watch the sunset while enjoying a nicely cooked dinner and glass of wine.   After breakfast in the next day, we will have a short hike down the Wall into the valley where our driver will be waiting for us. You will treasure the memories you created on the Great Wall for a long time. Around 12:30pm we will arrive back at our meeting point.

Level 2: Easy – medium
3-4 hours hiking trips with a few climbs and trails might be slippery at times. An average physical condition is required. Usually kids older than 6 are all right with these hikes. When camping trips are marked as level 2, then camping gear is delivered at the campsite.

Contact information:
Telephone :(+86)15652200950

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