Beijing free Chinese classes and social salons for foreign expats


Beijing free Chinese classes and social salons for foreign expats

Postby duonaohe » Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:53 am

We have free Chinese classes on every Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm - 4pm. Foreign expats in Beijing can join those classes for free. Our teachers are certificates holding, highly professional Chinese language trainers who will provide you with first class Chinese language training programs.

We also regularly invite renowned Chinese Confucian learning masters to give seminars on Chinese traditional cultures and values which enable you to get a in-depth understanding on China and her history and people.

What's more, we also provide some Chinese - English language exchange salons where Chinese and foreign expats can mix ,socialize, make friends and practice their Chinese and English. They are free to join with complimentary beer and snacks.

You can add Wechat:( xiaobaohaodai ) for more information or contact us by email. Our email address is
Our address is: Shuangjing-Fuli City.A7-1902 (北京市双井富力城A7-1902). the location is next to the subway Shuangjing station of line10.
Here are some photos taken from past Salons.

Our language and cultural exchange programs are sponsored by the Slow Boat beer. luxury high end authentic home brewing American beer . Salon participants can enjoy it for free.

Learning Chinese for free, free Chinese class with social clubs to practice. Come and enjoy.

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