Native Japanese Speakers needed


Native Japanese Speakers needed

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If you hava interest in the position, please send your CV to

Our company is an multi-national company with more than 20000 staff. Here below is the website of our company.

Job Description
Requirement for Candidates:
1. Under the age of 30;
2. With Bachelor’s Degree
3. Fluent in English
Working Contents
1, Analyze the errors in Japanese texts processed by the phonetic recognization engine.
Analyze referring to the defined categories of error; there might be new category of error to be added if an error is not defined yet.
The main content of the work is
a) Identify the differences/errors between two versions of Japanese texts, one version is recognized by the engine and another is the original correct one,
b) Categorize the errors identified according to the defined rule.
2, Review Japanese texts
Review the Japanese texts prepared by other team to find out and correct the following errors
a) Picking out the wrong or unidiomatic Japanese sentence, and offering the suggestions to correct.
b) Check if there are any mistakes in text punctuation, word segmentation and word boundary in Japanese text.
4, Check the transcription/annotation result of the audio clips in Japanese
There is the transcription/annotation result prepared by other team.
The work is to check if there are any errors in the result and correct by listening to the audio clips in Japanese
Working Location:
Beijing, China
Welfare and benefits:
1, Working Visa
2, Corporate welfares and social assurance
3, Paid Annual Leave

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