Looking for a Roleplaying group


Looking for a Roleplaying group

Postby RobertsChrisw » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:35 pm

Howdy! I'm a nerd looking for like minded nerds!

I'm hoping to find some people for some table top roleplaying games( I'm talking about Dungeons and Dragons). My background is mostly in White Wolf Games but I've played AD&D and GURPS as well as a bunch of others. I've got dice and .pdfs of most of my favorite books and I'm willing to share. This would be a great way to practice English if you have a decent level already.

I'm near Gulou but I'm willing to travel to meet up with people. Ideally we could meet in a nice cafe at first, I could host a group but my place is a little small. Meeting up somewhere central or happening would be good. Sanlitun, Wudaokou, Xizhimen, or Dongzhimen seem easy to me.

I'm up for heavy board games too if your not a roleplayer. Axis and Allies, Spacehulk, Pandemic, whatever. I currently have a copy of Settlers of Catan. Even the newbie stuff like monopoly can be fun with good people. If not board games how about card games, I was into netrunner and of course M:tG before coming to Beijing but I'm up to learn something new. My chinese isn't good though so something with pictures or english. If nothing else I'd be down to just watch some anima with a group at a cafe. I know there is a place on Di'anmen outer that would be great for it.

If you've got any good info on anything nerd, cons in China, comic book shops, good arcades, whatever feel free to share it. I'm hoping this can be a stepping stone to a nerdier life in general. I'm really hoping to get a good dedicated group together for weekly or bi-weekly games in an on going campaign.

May the force be with you, Live long and prosper, etc etc.

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