Spacious 2BR apartment near subway (Line 10) for Rent 8500RMB No Agent Fee

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Spacious 2BR apartment near subway (Line 10) for Rent 8500RMB No Agent Fee

Postby Little Jet » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:27 pm

There is a 90sqm 2 bedroom apartment for rent at 保利百合花园 (Baoli Baihe Huayuan). The room is at the 22nd floor giving you a great view. The location is good and near a subway station - Line 10 六里桥 (Liuliqiao),about 3-5 minute walk.

They apartment complex is made by a well known Chinese real estate giant called 保利 (Baoli), and they are famous for making their projects have a lot big green park in the middle.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 4 storage closets. All of the furniture are not more than a year since purchase.

1. Bathroom
The bathroom is spacious and clean. Equipped with a water heater and western style toilet. The landlord took the liberty of installing a "heating" light technology so when you have to shower in winter, you can just turn it on and it will warm you up. Has a normal sink and Mirror/Closet for storing your toiletries.

2. Kitchen
The kitchen is equipped with a big refrigerator and gas stove. Installed is also an exhaust over the stove so it will direct the fumes out of the house. Then a lot of storage space under the counters next to the sink.

3. Living Room
The living room has a TV and a sofa. It is next to a small area near a window where you can hand your clothes or just let the sun shine through. There is also a small foldable table so you can hide it for more space, and also some chairs you can use for dining. The living room also has a big Mirror/Closet for where you can keep your other things.

4. Bedrooms

Bedroom 1
This bedroom is near the entrance of the apartment unit. It has a walk-in closet in it and has a big window with a view. Has a small study/work table.

Bedroom 2
This bedroom is next to the Living room. Also has a big window with a view.

5. Security

The apartment complex has 24hour strict security. You will need to have a keycard to enter the vicinity, this keeps the area much more safer from people from the outside.

6. Internet

The internet will be discussed with the landlord. In oder to save money, will subscribe to a service that is good for you.

7. Utility fee

Monthly usage of electricity, gas, and water will be billed to you and be subtracted from your initial deposit. This way, we will not overcharge you in the untily fees. The splitting of the charges will be discussed amongst the tenants themselves.

Important Notes:

1.The MAXIMUM NUMBER of tenants allowed would be 4 (Four). You can invite people over for periods of time but would advise not to stay for long periods of time.

2.The way of payment is 1 Month Rent Deposit, 2 Months in Advance

3. There will be a checklist of items listing how much you would have to pay if the item I broken or lost. The landlord will do the checklist together with the tenants before and after the contract.

4. Landlord will help you get your residence registration in the local police station.

For more information or pictures, please contact:

WeChat : 1211930420
Mobile : 188-1178-8938

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