Liangmaqiao + Swimming pool + Garden with bbq


Liangmaqiao + Swimming pool + Garden with bbq

Postby Klaasdahaas » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:14 pm

We are very lucky, we live in an incredible house in the middle of Beijing with access to an outside swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, football pitch, you name it. One of the most unique aspects is the outdoor garden, fully equipted with beer tab and bbq and outside seeting, it's nice. Located walking distance to Liangmaqiao and the US and Japanese embassies.

So the big room 26m2 is coming free, the one with it's own bathroom and 8m2 balcony.

You will be living with two guys, early 30s, professionals, who are not too old yet to enjoy an incredible bbq or dinner, and like to have a beer with their housemates every so often. We like to keep the place clean and during the week believe in working hard.

We realise it's a lot money to be living with others but what you get in return is unique, we can't post pictures, but please contact us and then we can show you the place. 18500031999

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