we supply professional babysitting and housekeeping

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we supply professional babysitting and housekeeping

Postby worryfree » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:26 pm

The Beijing worryfree Domestic Service CO.Ltd is the most professional and reliable Domestic Company in Beijing, and we have been providing the foreigners the experienced and well-trained nanny or babysitter for 10 years, and all our Clients are important officer of foreign embassy and the successful professionals in high-profile industries in Beijing, so the service for those people are quite demanding, naturally our nannies are very excellent in all the aspects. They have to be experienced, reliable, responsible and humble. If you want a reliable nanny or babysitter, please contact us :

mobile: 010--53667120 or 13693235274
wechat:the same mobile number 13693235274

Beijing worryfree Domestic Service 
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