Department of Chinese Language and Culture Education of BFSU-2017 Application Information

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Department of Chinese Language and Culture Education of BFSU-2017 Application Information

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About us:
Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of China’s top universities listed under the Project 985 and Project 211, both comprising top universities in China. At present, BFSU is one of China’s oldest language universities,teaching the biggest number of languages and offering education at different levels. Located in the Haidian District of Beijing,BFSU is divided into two campuses – the West Campus and the East Campus.
Department of Chinese Language and Culture Education focuses on exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultures and is equipped with outstanding faculty and unique training modes. We have explored broad areas such as Chinese language, traditional Chinese culture, business Chinese, business in China, education travel for overseas students and overseas Chinese, teacher training, textbook compilation, training and selection of TCSL teachers. We have achieved fruitful results in the above areas. In the future, we will conduct theoretical researches for Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education and explore new ways of development.

1•Chinese Language Programs
Semester-long Chinese Language Programs
Time:Feb.27, 2017-July 7, 2017
Main Courses:
Primary Chinese Class(17SHW0001):Primary Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Characters,
and Lectures on Chinese Culture and Language Activities
Intermediate Chinese Class(17SHW0002):Intermediate Chinese, Spoken Chinese,
Reading, Basic Writing, Listening and Hot Topics
Advanced Chinese Class(17SHW0003):Advanced Chinese, China's national condition,
Chinese Newspaper Reading, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Idiom and Writing

Short-term Chinese Language Programs
4-week Chinese language learning program

6-week Chinese language learning program

8-week Chinese language learning program

10-week Chinese language learning program Primary

10-week Chinese language learning program(Weekend)

8-week Chinese language learning program(Weekend)




We currently offer the following options:5days,8 days,15 days,21 days,30 days, 60 days and tailored group.

3•Business Chinese
Curriculum characteristics:
1. Provide the most suitable individualized training system based on your company’s schedule.
2. Help you learn about China’s national conditions and trade.
3. Provide you with systematic and professional courses taught by experienced teachers for each test item.
4. Design business scenes to improve your language abilities.
VIP Class
1. We provide free tests to decide your Chinese level.
2. Design the most suitable curriculum, teaching modes and price for your work plans.
3. Provided personalized teaching based on your Chinese level and requirements.
Intensive training class(17SHW0004):April03-June 09(10 weeks)
Weekend Classes:12 weeks(17SHW0005)March 25-May 28;10 weeks(17SHW0006)April 08-May 28;
8 weeks(17SHW0007)April 22-May 28、(17SHW0008)May 06-June 25
VIP Class:Negotiable

4.Cooperative Programs
BFSU encourages international communication and collaboration through its partnerships with respected universities and institutions from around the world. The programs are aimed at promoting social and cultural interaction between China and the world. BFSU hopes to work with other notable overseas universities and institutions to create many more programs where students can study at the university. We welcome interested parties to contact us.
Partnership methods:
i. We currently offer the following platforms:
Chinese language programs
China study trips
ii. We also offer the opportunity to organize tailored programs
Expected working timeline::
Interested parties should complete and send the form Letter of Intent to us.
Discuss programs in details.
A formal contract will be signed with agreed terms( the contract can be renewed upon mutual review)

5. Pre-University Program
There are 24 class hours per week.
Required Courses
(1) Comprehensive Chinese
(2) Chinese Listening and Speaking
(3) Chinese Characters (for beginners)
(4) Chinese Reading and Writing
(5) Professional Chinese (for intermediate learners)
(6) Professional Knowledge (for intermediate learners)

Elective Courses
There are 2 elective courses every semester and 4 class hours per week, including Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese economy, legal knowledge, a survey of Beijing, cross-cultural communication and so on.

Chinese-Related Practical Activities
There are Chinese-related practical activities every semester, including sightseeing inside and outside Beijing, cultural experiences, calligraphy contests, community inspection etc.
September 2017- March 2018 (for detailed time of new semester, please turn to the acceptance letter)(The Spring Festival holiday: from February 14th, 2018 to February 25th, 2018)

Time for Application
February 1st, 2017 — April 30th, 2017

Procedure of Application
1.Apply online:
2.Submit the application form and other materials and certificates to
3.Wait for the qualification examination by BFSU;
4.Submit other applying materials and pay application fee 400 RMB .
5.The office will send the acceptance letter, JW202 table and other materials after 15 working days.


6. Bachelor Degree for Program of Diplomacy Taught in Chinese
Our Advantages:
☆We have four education levels: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctor’s Degree.
☆We can confer MA Degree in Politics, thus we can recruit postgraduates in seven academic programs, including political science, China and Foreign Political Institution, International Relations, International Politics, Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy.
☆We are the only one institution to confer MA degree in Public Diplomacy.
☆Our Program of Diplomacy is the first in the country to win the national level program award.
☆We have advantages in research and studies on China, relations and diplomacy of major powers, diplomacy of countries and regions, public diplomacy, research on UN and international organizations.
☆We have advantages in creating a multi-level interdisciplinary teaching system to train diplomatic professionals who are inter-disciplinary with dual-foreign language capabilities.

Program Details
☆Program of Diplomacy
☆Four - year curriculum
☆Tuition fee: 26,000.00 RMB per year;Application fee: 800.00 RMB
☆Student not meeting the HSK3 requirements need to attend a Chinese class for a semester, before the students can start the program courses (which means can graduate in 4.5--5 years.)

Application Procedure
1.Registration and log-in at
2. Send all the electronic application documents to
3. Admission deadline in Autumn: June 30th; Admission deadline in Spring: February 20th.
1) Students with Chinese Government Scholarship are also admitted (please apply at
2) SIRD provides the Scholarship for Countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative” for 21 students in total.
3) SIRD can provide Scholarship of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy for 10 students with outstanding academic results.

Tuition Fees

Semester-long Chinese learning programs 15,200yuan/person

4-week Chinese language learning program 5,200 yuan/person

6-week Chinese language learning program 7,200 yuan/person

8-week Chinese language learning program 8,800 yuan/person

10-week Chinese language learning program Primary 10,000yuan/person

10-week Chinese language learning program (weekend) 4400yuan/person

8-week Chinese language learning program(weekend)3840yuan/person

HSK4 1,200 yuan/person

HSK5 1,300 yuan/person

5-day China study trip 5,000 yuan/person
8-day China study trip 7,000 yuan/person
15-day China study trip 12,000yuan/person
21-day China study trip 16,000yuan/person
30-day China study trip 22,000yuan/person
60-day China study trip 47,000yuan/person
Tailored program 17SHW0067 Negotiable

Business Chinese Intensive training class (10 weeks) 1,2000yuan/person
Weekend class 8 weeks 2,880 yuan/person
10 weeks 3,600 yuan/person
12 weeks 4,320 yuan/person
VIP Negotiable

Pre-University Program 7Months 2,6000yuan/person

Bachelor Degree for Program of Diplomacy Taught in Chinese Annual year 2,6000yuan/person

◎Application fee:400 yuan/person

Address:615 Complex Building, Beijing Foreign Studies University, No.19 North 3rd Ring Road, Beijing, China Postcode: 100089

For more details,please visit:

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