The Tiananmen Square

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The Tiananmen Square

Postby inbeijing » Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:11 pm

Telephone:8610-65243322 Address:4 Jingshan qianjie (front street), Dongcheng District Ticket:Free entry to Tian'anmen Square

The Tiananmen Square lies at the cross-section between the central axis of Beijing. When it was first built in the 15th year of Yongle (1417), it was called Chengtian Gate. It was twice destroyed in the Ming Dynasty, once by lightening, once by war. In 1651, or the 8th year of Emperor Shunzhi's reign in the Qing Dynasty, the Emperor named Fulin had it rebuilt on a large scale and changed its name to Tiananmen. Imposing and magnificent, it stands out among ancient city gates in China.

Tiananmen was the place for important ceremonies during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, when imperial edicts were issued for coronation of emperors or the conferring of the title of empress. Tiananmen has witnessed many important events in China's modern history.

Tiananmen Square was formerly a courtyard in front of the main gate to the Forbidden City. At that time it measured about 110,000 square meters. Since the fall of the feudal system, and especially since the foundation of the People's Republic, it has been renovated and expanded many times. Now the square, at 880 meters long and 500 meters wide, measuring 440,000 square meters. To its east is the National Museum; to its west, the Great Hall of the People. In the middle of it stands the Monument to People's Heroes, to the south of which is Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall. The national flag ceremony held in the square every day stirs strong patriotic feelings in the bosom of everyone who loves New China. Now, in this new age of reform and opening, the age-old Tiananmen, as a witness of the past and present of China's civilization, with its unrivaled political significance, attracts tourists from all over the world.

Bus: 1,9,20,44,59,120,742,803,808,819,848 and Special bus routes 1
Opening Hours: 5:00-22:00

Tiananmen Fangshan Restaurant
Quanjude roast duck restaurant
Yizhishi Restaurant.
Donglaishun Restaurant
Tianyuan Fast Food Restaurant
Tianle Restaurant

China Construction Bank
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Agricultural Bank of China
China Merchants Bank
Hua Xia Bank Co., Ltd.
Bank of China

Royal Friendship Store
Kaifulai Sho
Hongdu Commercial Town
Photographic supplies store
Tianyuan Jewelry Town
Tiananmen Shopping Center
Bailong Tianan Shopping Mall
Baiwan Commercial Town
Zhengyang Fashionable Clothing Store

Places for leisure:
Lounge-type Tianyuan Fast Food Hall (the only one with a bar in the area)

Areas of special features:
Tong Ren Tang Drug Store
Museum of Chinese currencies and coils

Tips to the tourists to Tiananmen Square

1. Take licensed taxi in the urban areas when traveling and protect your legitimate right. Take tourist coaches obviously market with "For Tourist Only" to such distant scenic spots as the Great Wall, etc. at the southeast and southwest corners and along the East Road of Tiananmen Square. Don't be taken in by smooth-tongued name-card distributors. Otherwise, you will have to pay several times more coach fares than those of the regular vehicles. Beijing Beiqi Municipal Taxi Group Co., Ltd. does not generally send taxicabs to receive guests at the hotel nor does it send card-distributors on the street to induce guests. Such card-distribution and inducement are illegal practices to deceive the clients. Beijing Municipal People's Government are determined to crack down on and ban such illegal practices.

2. Please take care of cultural relics and all public facilities. No spitting. No spitting of chewing gum stub. No trespassing lawns.

3. Don't buy non-licensed products nor take photos at non-authorized spots to avoid being taken in. Ask for official invoices when buying products at scenic spots and ask for identification certificate when buying valuable goods.

4. Follow the guide of the staff and take good care of your articles. There are numerous tourists during weekends and holidays. Show concerns and care for others. If the scenic spot is jammed or restricted for the number of tourists inside, please show understanding and patience.

5. You may call Beijing tourist hotline:65130828 if you encounter any service quality problem in your tour.

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Selina » Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:12 pm

Everywhere is people now. National holiday....
better come not in the holiday time :)

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby westchinago » Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:27 am

chengdu panda tour

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Davina » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:37 am

Well, as i can see nice place it is, and i think people should explore it must as they find any kind of chance to go there as soon as possible.

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Jackson » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:28 pm

Well, buddy, I would like to say that you have shared such a nice information along images. I am very happy after watching this because I already want to visit something new. Thanks for this buddy.

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Anwen » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:54 pm

IUts really great to see about this great kind of place which is The Tiananmen Square. It so much nice to see these amazing kind of images Iw ould really like to try out the beauty of it for sure, so really thanks for this great kind of shring.

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Marvelous » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:56 pm

I just loved the information of all of you which you People has been shared here with all of us. I am sure that this is going to be proved useful for all of us. Surely that would be just wow to get more of the stuff like this out i am sure.

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Re: The Tiananmen Square

Postby Anwen » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:16 pm

well, I have a great plan to explore out te beauty of The Tiananmen Square with my uncle family after enjoying mine las vegas trips for sure in next of month. I just so much hope that it would be really great for me to be there at china for the very first time in my life, what do you all will like to say about it?

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