New Creative Park- Gili-Family 6-9meters high)(Area of 300 square meters)


New Creative Park- Gili-Family 6-9meters high)(Area of 300 square meters)

Postby sunlili » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:57 am

The rent price: 3.8 yuan / ㎡, days (amounted to 34200 yuan/month)
Office area: 300.00 ㎡
Office overview: blank
Office building types: office space
Office name: GiLi international art district
Area: Beijing ChaoYang - South Mill
Location: chao yang district huawei boiler company
Gili, single-family LOFT, developers rent 15223388097 straight

Gili (Beijing) international art district is by Beijing hui fashion culture development co., LTD. And Beijing chaoyang district gaobeidian cooperation to build a set of office, leisure, entertainment, communication and function of product release in the integration of cultural creative industrial park.
Project name: gili (Beijing) international art district
Item type: creative park
Quote: 2.5 4 yuan/day/㎡
Height: 4-9 m
Covers an area of 5 square meters
Construction area: 3.7 square meters
Usage: up to 180%
Afforestation rate: 33%
Can the tenant: single-family door model 180-4000 square meters
: bus subway batong line rail station - media university
Driving directions: navigation "Warwick boiler company" chao yang district site, that is!
The north side of Beijing tong expressway, communication university of China, north garden area, the pearl river oasis garden
Adjacent to the west side of the rings, the east China oil painting institute, China food hot spring garden hotel, is apart from the China central television (CCTV), People's Daily, it about 10-20 minutes drive.
On the east side is Jane Bei outlet business center, tea house east road (under 5.5).
The south 500 acres of flowers and 1000 acres of eucommia park, park wide canal road phase ii.

Enterprise single-family office, 550 - square - meter reserve a little garden
Form a complete set of product release exhibition hall, leisure walking along the river, staff canteen, free shuttle bus, coffee shop, copy printing, small supermarket, etc.
Meet the needs of all arts, film and television culture company.

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