Looking for a female partner

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Looking for a female partner

Postby Lisa » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:21 am


My name is Lisa, I am a chinese young woman married to a foreign husband.

I love my husband deeply, but for a while now I've been wondering how it feels to be with a girl/woman (if have never kissed a girl).
I am looking for something casual, not a relationship, but it could become something regular.
I do not care if you chinese of foreigner, how old you are, or if you are single or married.
Just to be clear, I am not cheating on my huband. I am happily married and very satisfied in every way.
My husband knows that I am placing this ad, and he understands my curiosity.

You can trust me, I will respect your privacy and no one else will know about it.

Maybe you had this experience before, or maybe you're just curious like me, but anyway, if you are interested, you can contact me at this email: lisa.chinese@yahoo.com. Introduce yourself, tell me about you, send me some pictures, and I will contact you if I'm interested.
If you are a guy, don't bother, I will not answer.

Looking forward to hear from you! :)


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