Convert Tourist Visa to Study Visa

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Convert Tourist Visa to Study Visa

Postby inbeijing » Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:54 pm

This comes up so often I figured it should be a pinned topic. This is my understanding of it, if anyone wants to add anything do so and I'll edit it in.

1) Can I convert a tourist visa to a student visa?
Strictly speaking what you do is come to China on a tourist visa and your university then handles the application for a residence permit - which is not strictly speaking a visa, but is near enough. As long as your university has told you to arrive on a tourist visa you shouldn't have any problems.

2) Why won't the university give me the documents I need to get a student visa in my home country?

Because it takes time and money and you might not turn up. Even if you do get the student visa, you still need to go through the same process of applying for a residence permit, so there's no advantage to you either way.

3) Cool, so I can get a 30 day tourist visa, travel for a few weeks then turn up at the university...
Probably not, as the resident permit application takes time. It's impossible to say how long, but advice would be to have a minimum of two weeks left on your visa. Bear in mind the university may hold on to your documents while they wait for everyone's to be ready,and the PSB may have hundreds of applications to process. Ask, and make sure the university is aware of how much time is on your visa when you hand in your passport.

4) I keep seeing that visa rules change all the time - what happens if I turn up and can't convert the visa?
That's unlikely - I don't think we've ever had a report of someone who has been told to turn up with a tourist visa then being turned away. The university wants your money, after all.

5) Can I get the residence permit early?
Maybe. There might not be anyone at the university. The university might want (reasonably enough) to do everyone in one big batch. Basically you'll need to ask. If you can get the university to give you enrollment documents and so on, you could probably do it yourself, but you'd need to get the medical yourself (rather than being bussed there with all the other students), go along to the PSB yourself, etc. You can ask, but don't expect massive enthusiasm - the university expects students to turn up when told, not when convenient.

X) I have this other random question...
Best people to ask are at the university, they know more about what they can and can't do than we ever will. 'Course, if they don't pick up the phone you can ask us.


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Re: Convert Tourist Visa to Study Visa

Postby beijingstour » Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:51 pm

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