Small Tower PC with Wifi, 22" Monitor + Speakers for Sale - 1700rmb


Small Tower PC with Wifi, 22" Monitor + Speakers for Sale - 1700rmb

Postby MartinTheHat » Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:44 am

We are selling out trusty little PC that has served us well for all office use. It is a compact case that measures 35cm tall, 16.5cm wide and 29.5cm deep. There is also a 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse and a small set of speakers.

The PC is powered by an Intel i3 550 CPU which has integrated graphics so no need for a graphics card. We found it was more than fast enough for Photoshop editing and playing HD video.

There is 4GB of ram in the computer which is more than plenty unless you plan doing lots and lots of video editing.

The PC has a WiFi card that supports 802.11A/B/G/N - it is really fast. We often used to stream video from the other computer to this one, the picture never stutters or freezes. The box says it supports speeds of 300Mbps.

It also has a 250gb hard drive with a few programs on like some video players and MS Office. The computer is running Windows 7 64 bit.

The PC also has a nice wireless mouse and keyboard set, the distance you can you them from is pretty far. If you were to have the PC connected to your TV you could easily sit on the sofa and use them.

We have got a new office computer so now this one needs to find a new home.

We would like 1700rmb for it but we are open to offers.

Please contact me on 13716161721

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