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The Best Companies for Homeowners Insurance in FL

Policy premiums are at an all-time low in Florida, so now is the time to buy your homeowners insurance. But what are the best companies that offer homeowners insurance in FL? Below are four of the best companies that we have found for homeowners insurance within the state of Florida.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the first on our list and it is also the biggest in the state and offers some of the best homeowners policies in Florida.  If you take advantage of their excellent Inflation Guard then Liberty Mutual will increase your policy limits as to match the rate of inflation, making sure that you are always covered at the level that you originally signed on for.

The policies offered by Liberty Mutual range from their Home Protector Plus which covers everything from rebuilding your home to replacing personal property and renting a place to stay should you need to leave your home for any repair work to be done, to their extended replacement cost coverage, which covers the costs of replacing your personal items should they ever be stolen or damaged.

Liberty Mutual also offers many discounted rates to new homeowners, if you have installed any safety devices on your home such as security alarms and if you are having renovation work done to your property.


Although GEICO doesn’t offer home insurance in FL. It does, however, act as an agent, putting you in touch with some of the best underwriters that will help you to get the cover that you need.


Allstate made our list because of their extensive range of discounts. Being a nonsmoker, enrolling for their auto-pay service, the installation of fire and safety alarms and packaging your homeowners insurance in with your auto insurance and having both policies with them, are all qualifiers for heavy discounts.


Although we have placed Farmers at the bottom of the list, they are actually the most modestly priced company with the average cost of Florida homeowners insurance being just $42 per month.

Farmers are also well worth considering for their rare coverage options and are great for people with a particularly eco-friendly home with their Eco-Rebuild product which covers the costs of repair to your property if you use ‘green’ building materials.  They also offer coverage for trees and shrubs, making them one of the most extensive companies on the list.

What Companies Are Writing Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

All of us Florida homeowners know just how difficult it can be when it comes to buying homeowners insurance in Florida. So which company can provide you with the best coverage? First and foremost, you must know which companies write policies here in the Sunshine State. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that there really aren’t that many national companies that write home policies in Florida.

Due to the lack of national companies writing policies, here are a few great local companies that write homeowners insurance in Florida. Remember these are just a few companies from

Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance

Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance provide a variety of FL insurance products. In fact, this company is located in Jacksonville, FL. This company is different from all others due to their dedication to quick and efficient claims handling, superior customer service, and a great reinsurance program.

Federated National Insurance Company

Another great company is Federated National Insurance Company. They have been providing business to Fl residents for over 25 years. Federated National are committed to providing fair and competitive pricing. Along with exceptional customer service.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company combines its large company expertise with its small company flexibility to provide you with the innovation and attitude you are looking for when it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida. Your safety and security is number 1 to this company.

People’s Trust Insurance

People’s Trust is better prepared than all the other companies out there. In fact, this company provides a simplified recovery option, 24/7 emergency repairs, stress free claims, and a greater value. Save now with a homeowners insurance in Florida policy from People’s Trust Insurance.

Southern Oak Insurance Company

Southern Oak Insurance Company is a Florida based insurance company. The main strength of this company is their knowledge and understanding of the Florida property insurance market. In fact, their team members have years of insurance experience.

These are a few companies that write home policies here in Florida. You never know, one of these companies could be the perfect match for you. Remember to collect a quote from each one at That way you will be able to find the perfect policy for you, at a price you can afford.

Local Agents Versus Online FL Auto Insurance

Choosing an auto insurance company can be confusing. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to help know which company offers a plan that is right for you and your driving needs. Car insurance companies Florida are very important to the responsible driver. In the case of an accident it is crucial to know your company will be behind you and will not be furiously reading paperwork to find a loophole to drop your protection. When choosing car insurance companies Florida, the first major choice to be made is rather you intend to purchase from a direct market company or if you would rather go through an insurance agent to get your coverage. Both have a unique set of pros and cons and should be considered carefully before simply dialing number and agreeing to the terms.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your coverage:

Local Agents

Most local insurance agents will represent multiple companies and can get you a special deal from any company they work with. Nearly every major insurance company has local agents, this allows customers to work through a local agent no matter which provider they are interested in. Buying insurance from a local agent will offer a greatly increased level of personal service that a direct market coverage office could never match. However, you may need to be prepared to end up paying a little extra for this personal care.

Local agents will also be very well versed in state laws and regulations regarding insurance. In most cases they live in the state and can offer special advice and sometimes even discounts because of their comprehensive knowledge of state coverage.

Unfortunately, communication will be limited by small offices and office hours. Even more, if you move you will need to go through the hustle of transferring offices or deal with the headache that is long distanced coverage care. 

Direct-Market Companies 

Going through a direct market company will mean less customer service but a much larger call center and a vast beehive of information and resources. There will not be the limitations of a small office or only a few employees and you will never have to wait for someone’s lunch break to end. If you do not mind less personalized customer service, many direct market companies will charge a little less for their services and can offer the convenience of never having to change companies because of a move or relocation. 

Direct-Market companies are also likely to have a more recognizable name and reputation, even though most are faceless due to size. This can be an advantage in some situations and a disadvantage in others. Not everybody really cares if their Florida auto insurance company knows them by name. Just as long as they come through in the case of an accident they don’t care if they are just a number. If you are one of these people then you should consider going through a direct-market company.